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Word-of-Mouth A Bigger Purchase Influence For Millennials Than Boomers, Who Rely More on Ads

recently-released study from Radius Global Marketing Research identifies some key similarities and differences in shopping habits, preferences, and influences among Millennials (18-32) and Baby Boomers (49-67). One of the key differences pertains the top sources of information that influence purchase decisions. Millennials appear to be more influenced by word-of-mouth than Baby Boomers, while the latter are more reliant on advertising than the younger generation. Please click here to read more!
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2014 Trends To Watch

SimplyEngage Incorporates Them All~

03/31/2014 5:08:05 PM

Common Social Media Marketing Blunders to Avoid in 2014

2014 is still fresh and if you’re ready to take your business’ social media marketing strategy to the next level then knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what TO do. We’ve outlined some of the biggest social media blunders businesses have made in the past and ways to avoid them in the New Year. (To read more please visit Social Compass.)

The most common blunder made by businesses on social media is not tailoring a strategy to different social networks. Twitter users behave differently than Facebook users, and applying one strategy across both will cause your business to miss out on a lot of opportunities. We’ve broken down some of these big mistakes based on popular social networks.

Facebook: Facebook is more than just a way to share promotions and interact with potential customers; it is quickly becoming the easiest way for consumers to review your business. Just because your business isn’t noticing the negative post a customer made doesn’t mean other potential customers aren’t either. Inconsistency shows a lack of communication with customers on a site tailored to create better customer-to-business relationships.

Twitter: One of the greatest advantages of Twitter is the ability it gives businesses to have quick and direct communication with consumers. Your business would be making a mistake if it didn’t use Twitter to engage in online conversations through @Replies and the use of trending hashtags.

Instagram: DON’T post text to Instagram! Instagram users value this social network because of how visually appealing it is. They want to look at images that quickly grab their attention. There is no quicker way to turn Instagram users away from your posts than with copy heavy images. For example, instead of posting a picture of a coupon, share a picture of a product and explain the discount details in the caption.

Pinterest:  Use your business’ Pinterest to entertain and relate to customers. Share pins that relate to your industry but would also be appealing to your target audience. It’s okay to pin the occasional promotion or coupon, but too many marketing materials will turn followers away.

Google+: Google+ may not seem like a game player in relation to Facebook or Twitter, but it would be a mistake to keep it on your bench. Google+ actually has over 300 million active users, and is expected to make a dent in the social media world in 2014.

To learn more about creating a successful social media marketing plan for your business, visit SimplyEngage. Request a free trial to learn more about our unique digital marketing platform! 

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Sign Up To Win A FREE iPad Mini!

How do I get my hands on a free iPad mini you ask....well, it's easy! Simply stop by our booth #1221 at the IFA convention, take our quick survey and you will be entered to win! We will draw our winners at the end of each day. We look forward to learning more about you and how SimplyEngage can provide solutions to your online marketing needs. 

​Have a great day!
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IFA Day: 1

Day 1 of the IFA and it's starting off on the right foot! We are having so much fun in New Orleans and our booth is looking great. Stop by booth #1221 and find out how our platform can grow your business!
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We Are Excited To See You At The IFA Convention!

SimplyEngage is headed to the International Franchise Association  2014 Convention in New Orleans. We will be exhibiting at booth #1221 from February 22-25th.

We are excited to showcase our one of a kind solution that empowers multi-unit brands with the online marketing tools and data driven insight to grow business at the local level. 87% of multi-unit brands have no local online presence contributing to the $50 billion in lost sales due to multi-unit brands problem with localization. We are here to reverse that!

SimplyEngage is Smart, Simple and Local!

Smart: SimplyEngage captures behaviors and interactions of your online audience.We provide insight and knowledge that will assist in your local marketing efforts. Analytics are the solution to understanding your ROI.

Simple: SimplyEngage provides the non-technical, local business owner a simple solution to engage their local audience via the web, blog, social media, email and search. 

Local: SimplyEngage is committed to empowering multi-location brands. We recognize that 80% of business comes within a 5 mile radius of a store's location.
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2014 Sochi Olympics A PR Nightmare

The Winter Olympics held their opening ceremonies today in Sochi, Russia. The discussions are leaning away from the sporting event and more towards the contentions associated with this year's games. Marketers are quickly uncovering the variety of challenges during this year's Olympics. Most spending an estimated $1 billion dollars in advertisements and sponsorships, trumping the average cost of $4 million to market during the recent Super Bowl in February. 

We all know that Twitter can be a harsh crowd. It is easier to attack strangers and brands with the cloak of anonymity on their platform. The Winter Olympics already seems to be the most memorable in terms of controversy, adding a layer of difficulty in drafting the right and safest message presented in the brands' ads.

The conflicts in Russia range from corruption, human rights, security threats, stray dogs and seedy accommodations. Dominate corporations such as McDonald's, BMW, Coca Cola and Visa are already feeling the pressures of this becoming a PR nightmare. The McDonald's #CheersToSochi hashtag has encouraged serious backlash and threats to boycott the brand. Will this actually result in a major hit to their bottom line? No one knows for sure. What is for sure is that brands are now, more than ever having to juggle the returns on marketing against what their associations are and how those represent the company's core values. Corporations may not be recognized as a person legally (throw back to the 2012 Presidential elections), but society still views them as having morals and demands they maintain a level of integrity. After all, the decisions they make affect us all greatly.

Another great example of this is the shocking news that came in Wednesday that CVS will no longer be carrying cigarettes in their stores. This will result in a loss of billions of dollars in revenue. They strongly feel that standing up for their values is worth taking that hit to their bottom line. After all, they are deeply embedded in the health industry with their pharmacies and there is quite a contradiction there.

In sum, ad execs are optimistically hoping that the many controversies surround this year's Olympic games only brings more viewership and only time will tell if that will be the case. The clear trend will more than ever be the spotlight on what the brand represent swhen it comes to sponsorships and how that decision correlates with their ideals. More and more consumers want to support brands that share their personal beliefs (Chick-fil-a controversy and boycott) and understanding your brand's demographic and what those are will be crucial and should be greatly considered in all future decisions.

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Gmail is down so it's a perfect time to check out our blog!

What do I do when Gmail goes down?! Research! So now is the perfect time to get caught up on online marketing tips and trends. Check out our blog and stay in touch. Also, feel free to sign up for a demo of our unique online platform that aggregates all of your online marketing needs. It is one of a kind! 

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So I Have A Blog...Now What?

Starting a blog is step one. Now you are on step two, which is actually writing about something meaningful and impactful. How does one overcome blogger's block? Here are a few tips on how to generate original content and ideas.

1. Subscribe To Industry Publications. It is crucial to know what is happening in your respective industry and how trends affect your day to day business.

2. Take A Different Perspective. You will come across many blogs that discuss the same topic. What will make your blog worth reading, is if you discuss that topic in a distinctive way.

3. Think About Your Biggest Problems. If you are trying to overcome issues, the likelihood is that someone else is in the same boat.

4. Make A Prediction. Talking about the future is always alluring. Everyone wants to know what to expect, even if it's just a hypothesis. 

5. Join A Meet Up Or Blogger's Group. Everyone knows that ideas...come from other ideas and blogging is no different.

We hope this helps inspire some motivation to take full advantage of your blog. Make sure you understand your focus and what you and your users want to get out of it. Use this medium to really connect, learn and engage!